General Contractor’s License held in Kansas and Hawaii. Licenses also held for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.

courtyard_1 (1)CARSON DEVELOPMENT, INC. is in the business of conducting all phases of Real Estate. This includes the purchase of raw ground, developing the ground, constructing homes-apartment complexes-shopping centers-businesses,etc., and then managing the property once it is complete. Once these properties are up and running and successful the properties are then sold.

This process has proven to be very successful for Michael Schlup, the owner. He has been successful in this business for the past thirty years.

His projects are known for many things; Securing financing and following through until all obligations are met as planned, Constructing the project in the specified time frame as promised, Keeping the project on budget as promised, delivering a finished product of exceptional quality.

Mr. Schlup is also known, by previous tenants and current tenants, to do everything he can to help make his tenants be successful, and if there is a problem he helps to figure out the best way to solve it. He believes
that if the tenants are successful then he will be successful.

By consistantly paying close attention to every detail and building superior to other builders Mr. Schlup has grown his company to having as manyas 300 employees at one time.

Mr. Schlup takes great pride in his finished product and in maintaining a good working relationship with his financial backers by always performing all obligations as promised.

Mr. Schlups business has consistantly grown over the past thirty years. He has weathered several economic ups and downs by never waivering from his beliefs. If he makes a promise, wether its to a bank, a tenant or a person he always does whatever it takes to stand by his word. He also never compromises quality. The end result
has always been a superior finished product.

Carson Development, Inc. is looking forward to continuing the success and being a part of constructing many new outstanding projects.