Matt Salamat

Matt Salamat
Commercial Leasing Agent

Matt Salamat is Carson Development, Inc.’s Commercial Leasing Agent. Matt is responsible for helping the Developer sell and purchase commercial properties, including businesses, land, buildings, and restaurants. Matt assists in finding commercial tenants for the Developer as well as assisting in site selection for commercial projects. Matt’s principle responsibilities include:

  • Appraise property or properties using local comparisons.
  • Provide financial information and analytical data to the potential buyer or seller.
  • Visit and show several sites and explain features of building.
  • Discuss costs of maintaining building and possible renovations with client.
  • Determine best method of purchase and review financials.
  • Show property that will be utilized for strictly business purposes.
  • Seek out acquisition targets and grow book of leads.
  • Facilitate acquisition transactions.
  • Handle transactions.
  • Ensure all paperwork is properly filled out.
  • Follow up with legal department to ensure purchase is legal and binding.
  • Identify, analyze, and prepare re-development plans.
  • Create relationships with businesses in various industries for future purchases.
  • Place properties for sale.
  • Have all properties inspected thoroughly and identify possible repairs.
  • Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers over property prices and settlement details, and during the closing of sales.
  • Compare properties with similar properties to determine fair market price.
  • Work with loan officers, attorneys, and agencies to complete purchase.
  • Arrange for financing.