Bassett Furniture

These days, most furniture is designed to sell, not to last. For more than 100 years, Bassett Furniture has been perfecting the art of crafting furniture full of American ingenuity. Our dedication to comfortable, long lasting furniture remains without compromise.

One visit to our store and you’ll realize it’s much more than a furniture store. We take joy in the design process. It’s our job, our profession, our playground and our craft. Our Design Consultants are in the business of building your trust and want a relationship more than a transaction. They’re dedicated to taking the guesswork out of decorating and will help create custom furnishings, define your decorating lifestyle, establish a budget, make a house call, or simply offer an opinion…all free of charge.

Our designs aren’t about us. They’re about you, your family and the comforts of your home. We only smile when you do.

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